Explore your story

Do you sometimes feel stuck in ways of being and feeling that does not feel supportive or helpful to you?

Have you ever questioned whether you are valuable or ‘good enough’; at work, in social situations or in relationships?

Are you curious about your story from birth onwards and how it may have influenced how you feel and relate today?  

Would you like to find new ways to reflect on life and move forward with more understanding of and compassion for yourself? 

The Therapy Toolkit Workshops are a selection of self-exploration workshops, courses and webinars designed around Linn Martinsen’s Therapy Toolkit. 

Illustrations by  Cindy Kang .


I loved this workshop! The theory and the practical part of the session gave me a solid base to start the journey of self exploration. The therapy toolkit is also very helpful in this process!

Linn managed to create a lovely safe space within the group and I really appreciated the interaction with the other inspiring participants. If you are interested in learning more about yourself, then I highly recommend this workshop!

Workshop Participant 2022

I strongly recommend attending “The Therapy Toolkit Workshop” if you want to learn more about your current personal story, understand what the barriers to even more self-worth are, and identify empowering ways to thinking and being.

Linn is extraordinarily nurturing and supportive – your confidence will be boosted just from listening to her. She creates a safe and open space where all opinions are welcome.

The content is expertly mixed with group discussions, 1-1 sharing and reflections. The different cards you explore will be the right ones for the issues you are grappling with! Enjoy the experience – it is so worth making this gift to yourself!

Maria Kassova, Director MK Motivation 

Linn is an excellent facilitator who is knowledgeable about the space but even more impotently cares deeply about the growth and comfort of the participants. She has an open and accessible style which encourages everyone to contribute and learn from each other at their own pace.

Workshop Participant  2022

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