About Linn Martinsen

Linn Martinsen is a BACP registered psychotherapeutic counsellor with eighteen years’ experience seeing couples and individuals. 

In August 2021, after two years of writing, research, extensive conversations with peers, and drawing on her many years’ experience as a therapist in private practice, she published  Therapy Toolkit with Laurence King Publishing.

Therapy Toolkit is a simple, yet profound tool designed to help people navigate the complex world of psychotherapy and self-exploration.

For Linn, creating the toolkit was rooted in a deep wish to bring and make accessible to anyone, the healing properties of understanding your story on a deeper level.

The Therapy Toolkit workshops utilises the toolkit to provide an affordable and safe setting to explore your story under the guidance of an experienced therapist.

About the workshops

The Therapy Toolkit workshops aim to bring people together to explore their stories, and to experience the common ground we all share of how the way we are brought up influences how we feel and relate as adults.

With the guidance and expertise of an experienced therapist, these workshops provide a gentle therapeutic setting in which to explore inner worlds. Helping you gain knowledge and understanding of how you can find and maintain an authentic and grounded relationship with yourself and the world around you

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